Manually invite teammates

If you want to invite a small number of teammates to get started with Teambit, you can manually invite them using their email addresses.

Click the Invite your teammates button in the left sidebar.

In the modal that appeared start adding email addresses.

When you are done, click Invite teammates button.

You can see everyone you invited on the Pending invites page.

Use an invite link

You can also simply copy a unique invite link in the Invite your teammates modal.

Now you can simply send this link over Slack or email to relevant people and they would be able to create their accounts hassle-free.

Upload a CSV

If you are using an HRIS provider, you can export the CSV with your company structure and send it to us to get everyone started. We'll handle all of the invitation and account creation for you. Ping us if you'd like to get started with a CSV.

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