Manager assessment is based on a combination of several works.

The first one is Ken Thompson’s Seven Habits of Great Team Leaders.
It looks at two key areas that a leader should be focused on - managing individuals and managing the team.

The second one is John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership model, that has 3 dimensions of Team, Task and Individual.

And the third one is the model proposed by James Flaherty in his book Coaching, that specifies three areas: I, We and It (inspired by German philosopher Jurgen Habermas’s works),

The assessment itself has eight questions, each one of them assessing different angles of leader's qualities. 

Each question is of an equal weight and has 4 responses ranging between 😭 Bad and 😍 Great.

Manager assessment is a self-assessment and reflects only your own perspective on the issue. For a more representative view, it's important to actually get feedback from people you manage and work with. Teambit can help you do it in a fun, lightweight and automated way.

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