After Teambit is connected to Slack, everyone in the team will be able to receive notifications about all the activity and react to it inline.

New feedback

Notifications about new feedback would appear as a message from Teambit and you'll be able to add this feedback to praise or add a comment straight away. Or if you click on the feedback text, you'll be redirected to your Teambit account to see it there. 

New praise

The feedback that's added to praise will appear in the public channel that Teambit was added to when being integrated and thus will be visible to everyone in the team.

New requests

All the requests will appear in the direct conversation between you and Teambit and you'll be able to send feedback in response to them, whether it's for a manual request:

New survey requests

...for a survey:

New review requests

...or for a review:

New feedback in response to your surveys 

We'll also notify you privately about new feedback to the surveys that are shared with you: 

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